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What does science say about creation?

Science is advancing so fast, that it is difficult to keep up with.  Let me first recommend a great resource, Reasons to Believe, that keeps me abreast of developing scientific news.  It is a must for anyone struggling with this … Continue reading

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What does scripture say about creation?

The problems Before we can say was scripture says about creation.  It is important to understand what it does not say. Genesis 1 tells a very different story than Genesis 2-3.  Genesis 1 is the seven day creation story that … Continue reading

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Why do Science and Creation Contradict?

This question already presupposes a problem, an assumed interpretation of scripture and scientific data.  This is a common way to start the discussion.  However, it is important to see these presuppositions.  Francis Crick, a renowned DNA scientist and atheist said, … Continue reading

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How can we see God? (Part 1 – Seek God with All your heart)

What a great question to begin with!  Never a more difficult nor more important question was ever asked. There are many good answers to this question, but I must first set the context for this discussion.  I grew up knowing … Continue reading

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