Son’s questions

My 17 year old son thinks about far more than you would surmise by meeting him or playing ball with him.  This is the list of questions he and I put together recently (3/31/2012).  He contributed about 80% of these questions.  I threw in a few to keep the wheels churning.  I hope to address many of these questions; however, be careful.  Answers without relationship are lifeless and unfeeling.  I am not posting these answers to stop the discussion, but to encourage you in your journey of seeking God.  My blog is better understood through the links below than a chronological reading.

How can we see God?

Why can’t God show himself to me unless I’m looking?

Why do some find God so easy and not others?

Why do Science and Creation contradict?

Why did God tell people to kill others in the Old Testament but not in the New?

How do we know the Bible is correct if it is made by people?

Who is Jesus, really?

Why was is necessary for Jesus to die on a cross?

Is our God the same God as other religions?

Do we really have free will?

Why would free will make it more special for God to have us?

Is Church a building?

What happens when people die without knowing God?  And kids who die young without a chance to learn?

Christendom started christening infants during times of plague because he didn’t get to choose to be baptized himself

What rules/knowledge are important to be saved?

Why does He allow crap to happen?

Contextual/Situational Ethics?

Does survival trump all other virtues?

If I killed your brother would you forgive me?  Could I go to heaven from your judgement?

Is your spirit and mind one thing?

Is it ever too late to change for the good?

How does God present himself and how to know it’s Him?

Would you choose death over denying God?

If God creates and know it will become evil, is it His fault?  Didn’t God make Satan?

How can sinful people tell me how to live my life?

Prior to Noah, how can an omniscient being have regret?

Philosophers said “I think therefore I am.”  How would I know anything else?

Can God be used for reason of war?

Why did God kill Anninias & Saphira but not people today?

If I am doing things right should I be pissing off those in the Church?

Can I do things right and not know why and still be saved?

Should I be following a “religion?”

Why are there better people that don’t believe in God than people that do?

Why is the divorce rate in and out of the church the same?

Why would Jesus give so many indirect answers/questions?

Is this life a test or a place to mature?

How can something have no beginning?

What about sin?

  • Is sin all the same?
  • What makes a sin a sin?
  • Has the definition of sin changed?
  • Why are certain people seceptible to certain sins? (gay)
  • Is it wrong to want to sin?
  • Why make sin appealing?  (garden apple)

What about hell?

  • How could a God make and not grant eternal life?
  • How could a God create just to send to eternal hell?
  • Is hell eternal?
  • Is there only heaven and hell?

How can you know heaven is real?  I don’t know anybody that’s been there and back to tell me about it.

Why would God have a chosen people?

Should one day really be different from all the others?

Are miracles around today/so hard to verify?

Why didn’t God answer my prayer?

Is it wrong to enjoy your life when others are in need?

How do I ask God to answer questions?

Is it wrong to question Him or question His motives?

Why rules?  He makes it hard.

If we are called to love all how do we love those we don’t know?

How can your perspective change? (on God)

Can you have hushpuppies without catsup?

Can people who know God contradict each other?

Why are people cast out of the church in their greatest time of need?

Is it wrong to advertise Christianity?

How should we portray Chrisitianity/Jesus?

How do we share Christianity?

Why did He leave us with so many questions?

Why are people born with different physical problems?

Is it wrong to kill the planet to help others?

Is it wrong not to use our gifts?

Did God give everyone equal opportunity to know him?

How should government and religion coexist?

Should we seek persecution?

Can you covet something that is outside your power to gain?

How much is too much?

Which branch of Christianity is right?

  • If you are Protestant would a Catholic go to heaven?  If Catholic, would Protestants go to heaven?
  • If Bible scholars can’t agree on an issue how are we expected to?
  • Is “Christian” different from “follower of Jesus?”

Can you be Buddhist (etc.) and a follower of Jesus?

Why do so many kill in the name of God?

Is the Spirit something that grows or is given all at once?

When does the Spirit come?

Does everyone have the Spirit?

Did God just wind up things and let them go or is he directly involved today?

When people are hurting do we comfort or help them change? How?

When someone is a bad influence should you leave them?

Is it wrong to give someone these questions without the tools to handle them?

How does praise help?

What does it mean to come to God like a child?

Why doesn’t God answer all the questions?

Why does God leave a possibility for another explanation?

Does it get easier? (like a callous)

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