How can we see God?

I keep coming back to this question and seeing it in different ways.  A couple of weeks ago, I asked my son if he knew I loved him.  His response was a definite “No”.  How ironic… There are children who desperately want for anyone to love them but no one does. Then there are children who are loved intensely, and, yet, are blind to it.  Which situation is more perverse?

God must wonder the same thing.

“I gave them many diverse foods that would stimulate the senses, bringing them pleasure as the were nourished.  I created beauty all around them, beautiful sunsets, delicate flowers, and vast landscapes, and gave them a sense of awe.  I created a vast zoo for them to be able to explore themselves and the things around them.  I gave them things to play on, play with, and challenges to conquer.  I placed the stars and galaxies just so they could see how great I am and how special they are treated in this vast universe.  I put them in communities to meet their relational needs.  I created their minds and bodies so miraculously that they will forever pursue replicating its wonders.  I endowed them with self-awareness, to be able to judge their own actions and placed my laws in their hearts.  I even made each one unique so they could learn to love more fully.  …but they still do not see me or know that I love them?”

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